Remember that you can commission me for these items if they're sold. Current wait time is 2 days to 2 weeks :)
If you need the items for a full bust, let me know!

Green jacket - $17 pics: [x] SOLD (green fabric currently out of stock)
Green jacket #2 - $17 pics: [x] SOLD
Brown jacket - $17 pics: [x] SOLD
Jackets can be preordered this time around but keep in mind that the design is random. May run out of fabric
Pink long sleeve shirt - $14 pics: [x] SOLD
Gray long sleeve shirt - $14 (same lace on bottom as pink shirt) SOLD
Floral shorts - $10 (with working pockets) SOLD
Beige skirt - $10 SOLD

Lace dress with details - $27
This dress is fully lined

Lace dress with dotted background - $22 SOLD
This dress is fully lined

Fuschia floral dress - $17 SOLD