Hey! I don't know how you found me but welcome! I'm Air. 

I'm assuming you're here because you want more info on my sewing or would like to commission me, please read this post and you will learn what you need to know :D

To commission me, DM me a list with the names of the items you'd like. Don't forget to include the fabric number or a picture of the fabric. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VIEW THE FABRICS ON A COMPUTER SO THAT YOU CAN SEE ANY DETAILS (see fabric 30 for an example of this!) if you're not sure about details on a certain fabric just ask for a photo!

My instagram handle is: goodbyeyouhellome

The prices and names of items are HERE

Please send in this format:

1. Sleeveless top in fabric #52
2. Pleated skirt in fabric #423
3. Cardigan in fabric #26

Please include your doll's bust size when commissioning me. I own all the minifee busts and use different measurements. If you're not sure what your doll's bust is called please click here and scroll down to 'girl bust'

If you are adding more items to your commission please send me an updated list (including old items) 
Newest items must be at the bottom of the list.

If you don't know the name of an item, just send me a link or photo but do try to keep everything as a list. It makes things easier and less confusing. 

Items ready in a month. You will receive pictures of the items before they're shipped. Shipping time is 5-7 days.

Payment is required upfront. No custom orders (only what you see on my blog, Flickr or Instagram) Please keep in mind that older items you see on my blog have increased in price.

Please send payment as goods and services, not family and friends. It will be easier to find your address this way. Include your username in the note if you'd like, this is optional.


$4.00 - First class mail with tracking. 
$8 priority mail with tracking. Insurance is extra.


$15 - First class mail, no tracking or insurance. Takes around a week to arrive
$31 - Registered, includes tracking. Requires signature. Takes 2 weeks to a month to arrive
$40 - Priority mail, includes tracking, no insurance 
$46 - Priority mail (AUSTRALIA) 

You are responsible for your country's customs fees. I also cannot do anything if your item gets stuck in customs, I'm sorry but sadly that's out of my control.

Email or direct message me if you have any questions! Please keep in mind that I work on items randomly (I make whatever I feel inspired by first) I only work in order if I'm delayed.

Last updated 04/04/2018