Please click on the photos for a closer look at the fabrics!

For: t-shirts and cardigans
Some are very thin material.
Please keep in mind that some cannot be used for cardigans/t-shirts

#11 not available!

#22 not available!

#30 and #31 not available!

For: Swimsuits, strapless dresses

For: Sleeves, pleated collars and dress skirts.

                                   #50 not available

Only for: Simple shorts, crop tops and overalls.
#58 not available

For: Everything except t-shirts and pants (some may be thick enough for pants)
Please keep in mind that some fabrics may not work for certain items because they're too thin or thick

Out of #64
 #64, #66, #70, #74 and #71 not available

#90 not available
#100 not available

#105 and #107 not available
#115 and 117 not available

#120, #125, #126 not available
Fabric 137 can only be used for dresses with pin tucks

Fabrics 139, (144 out of stock), 145, and (146 out of stock) can only be used for maxi dresses and similar tops
Fabrics 140, 141 and 142 can only be used for certain skirts, NOT pleated skirts
Fabric 143 can only be used for dresses with pin tucks.

Fabric 150 is a little see-through
Only fabrics 147, 148, 149, 154 and 162 can be used for pants.

Only fabric 162 can be used for pants

Any wrinkled fabrics will be ironed before being used. If you need to see any fabric as a complete item, let me know (you can also look through my blog and find them) please keep in mind that I have not used some of them.