Yes, I'm really messy but that's not the point of this post. Lately I've seen my sister work on her Bratz sets and it just gets me in the mood to try and improve my current set. Thing is, Bratz are smaller than minifees and I don't know... See, I'm coming up with dumb excuses, as usual, aha.
(You can see customs forms and pens/pencils on the left. That's what I like to call packaging center)

At least I made something new ("GYHM for Minifee" sign) ... Which reminds me of back to school commercials, not a good thing.
I don't know where to look.. The stuff I bought for the set isn't working as planned, boo!

(I had to darken this so much :b) These are some ideas I had today. Well I've had the store sign idea for a while but never really worked on it. At least it helped me make the sign in the picture above though so I wasn't a total failure today :b

Aaaaand time to make tequenos (fucking hate making tequenos but I gotta feed my doll addiction)